Collectively AERIA’s management team has over 150 years of VIP experience, on more than 50 transport category aircraft. These projects include interior completions, refurbishments, heavy maintenance, and avionics upgrades.


Ron Soret, Vice President & General Manager of Aeria Luxury Interiors

Ron Soret

Vice President & General Manager

Mr. Soret has been involved in VIP aviation for over 30 years and has held senior positions at the Dee Howard Company, Associated Air Center and Gore Design Completions. He has been involved in more than 49 completion projects for the full range of Boeing and Airbus VIP aircraft.

Ron's industry experience and big-picture focus anchor AERIA's project teams.

Vice President & General Manager


Chris Mason, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Aeria Luxury Interiors

Chris Mason

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Mr. Mason is a 35 year veteran of the Aviation industry, his past experience includes serving as Vice President of Sales at Comlux America where he was a member of the senior leadership team for four years. Prior to his position at Comlux, Mr. Mason was employed at Associated Air Center (AAC) for more than 20 years. During his tenure at AAC, Chris served as Director of Interior Modification Sales, Senior Program Manager, Manager of Planning and as an A/P Mechanic. Before joining AAC, Chris served as an Aircraft Mechanic in the United States Air Force.
Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Jeffrey Potter, Senior Director of Production at Aeria Luxury Interiors

Jeffrey Potter

Senior Director of Production

Mr. Potter has also been in the completions industry for over 25 years, holding various management positions at Associated Air Center and Gore Design Completions. During that time, Mr. Potter participated in the green completions of the following: BBJs, B747, B757s, B767s, A320s, A330 and A340s. These projects total 35 green completions.
Senior Director of Production


Boyd Hunsaker, Director of Sales & Marketing, Aeria Luxury Interiors

Boyd Hunsaker

Director of Sales & Marketing

Mr. Hunsaker is an experienced professional in the aviation industry in both maintenance and VIP interior completions. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Hunsaker started his career as a mechanic at Associated Air Center, then moved up through the ranks with positions including Manager of Planning, Senior Project Manager, Production Manager and Director of Maintenance Sales. Most recently, Mr. Hunsaker was the Director of Sales at Comlux America LLC. In addition to these leadership roles. Mr. Hunsaker has an FAA Airframe and Power Plant license.
Director of Sales & Marketing


Ken Harvey, Director of Design, Aeria Luxury Interiors

Ken Harvey

Director of Design

Mr. Harvey has dedicated his Aviation career to the VIP industry for 38 years. Before joining the AERIA team, he worked for Dave Ellies Industrial Design, Chrysler Technologies, Raytheon, Aviart, Gore Design Completions, and GDC Technics. Although he heads up our Design department, his past roles have included Engineering Manager, Director of Programs, and Sr. Designer. Throughout his career, Mr. Harvey has worked on at least 34 Green completions for an array of airframes: Falcon 50, Gulfstream III &IV, Challenger 600 & 601, B737, B767, B777, B747, B787, A320, A330 and A340.
Director of Design


Ed Ashley, Director of Maintenance, Aeria Luxury Interiors

Ed Ashley

Director of Maintenance

For over 40 years Ed Ashley has dedicated himself to the Aviation industry. Starting with sixteen years at a family owned repair station, Ashley Hawk Aviation, Mr. Ashley split the remainder of his tenure between The Dee Howard Company and VT San Antonio Aerospace. Closing in on nearly a decade dedicated to the VIP industry, our BBJ is his first green completion. Mr. Ashley has an A&P license and Inspection Authorization.
Director of Maintenance