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7 Best Home Goods Candles For Your House

Imagine coming home tired. You see the gentle flicker of a candle as you sit down. The mix of lavender and vanilla relaxes you deeply. Home goods candles bring a cozy ambiance to any spot. 

They do more than light up a room; they make it feel like yours.

Fragrance is powerful in our lives. It can bring back memories and touch our feelings. When you light a scented candle, you fill your space with a special smell. Whether it’s a season’s pick or an all-time love, these candles add the right mood to your home.

home goods candles

Home goods candles tell your home’s story quietly. Each flame and scent adds to your home’s feel. They show your style and make each room special. Enjoy these simple joys. Let the scents take you to your happy place.

Key Takeaways | Home Goods Candles

Candles are a key element in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home.

  • A variety of fragrances allows for a personalized ambiance that complements your mood and decor.
  • These candles not only enhance the vibe but also serve as stylish accents to your home decor.
  • Strategically shopping for the right scents can help build a diverse and harmonious candle collection.
  • Integrating candles into your living space transforms ordinary moments into sensory experiences.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Candles for Your Home

Want a cozy feel in your home? Think about using eco-friendly candles. They’re made from sustainable materials. This means they’re better for the planet and your home’s vibe.

The Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Candle Materials

Eco-friendly candles, like those made of soy wax, don’t harm the earth much. They break down easily and don’t make much soot. By using vegan and natural stuff, you keep the air in your home clean.

Creating a Green Atmosphere with Vegan Home Goods Candles

Picking vegan candles makes a big statement for the environment. They don’t use animal products and smell great naturally. Here are ways to make your place more eco-friendly:

  • Use candles as primary sources of light at small parties to save electricity.
  • Select fragrances from essential oils to enjoy nature’s scents.
  • Opt for reusable containers, like glass or tin, to use over again.

green atmosphere vegan home goods candle 

Exploring the Variety of Scented Candles at Homegoods

Walking into Homegoods means more than just shopping. It’s starting a journey of fragrances that change your home’s feel. They have many scented candles to fit everyone’s taste. This makes every room in your house extra special.

variety of scented candles

Looking to make your bathroom smell fresh? Or your bedroom more elegant? Homegoods has plenty of choices to set the right mood.

Fresh and Clean: Grapefruit & Thyme Home Goods Candles


Picture grapefruit’s zesty smell mixed with thyme’s earthy scent. This blend cleans the air and fills your home with a fresh, welcoming smell. It’s great for mornings to start your day bright and full of energy.

Masculine Charm: Tobacco Pipe Candle Ideas

Tobacco Pipe scented candles add a cool, manly vibe. Their deep, rich aroma brings warmth and coziness. Perfect for your den or office, they add a masculine touch without being too strong.

Perfume-Inspired Elegance with Mist No.4

Mist No.4 candles capture the grace of fine perfume. They are ideal for bedrooms or dressing areas. They turn daily routines into luxuriously calm moments.

Homegoods’ candle range has something for every taste. From fresh Grapefruit & Thyme to rich Tobacco Pipe and elegant Mist No.4. Visit Homegoods to find your perfect home goods candles.

The Art of Selecting the Perfect Candle for Every Room

Choosing the right candle is key to making your home comfy and appealing. It’s about matching the candle’s scent with the room’s character. This enhances both your decor and day-to-day life. Let’s explore using nature’s scents and specific choices for living spaces and kitchens.

Bringing Nature Indoors: Earthy Scents for Living Spaces

Imagine the calm of a forest or meadow in your home. Using candles with scents like pine or cedarwood can make this real. They turn your living room into a peaceful escape. This is perfect for making cold nights cozy and restful. The result? Your living spaces feel relaxed and fresh.

Kitchen Freshness with Lavender & Verbena Candles

The kitchen is your home’s heart. It thrives with clean, fresh scents. Lavender & Verbena candles fight cooking smells and brighten the room. They clean the air and add a kitchen freshness. And they do it without hiding the smells of your food.


Candles do more than smell good; they’re key for home style and feel. The right candle makes each room unique, fitting its use and atmosphere. You can find calming scents for living areas or fresh ones like Lavender & Verbena for kitchens. There’s a perfect candle for every room.

Home Goods Candles: Harmonizing Aromatherapy with Decor

Using home goods candles in your decor is more than adding style. It’s about mixing aromatherapy with home decor. Choosing candles with essential oils means the fragrance improves the ambiance and your well-being. These candles are key for both decor and positive energy.

aromatherapy candles

Want a calm home office or a fresh living room? The right candle is key. They have natural, plant-based essential oils. So, they smell great and are good for you too.

  • Aromatherapy: Experience the calming effect of essential oils like lavender. They help you relax after a busy day.
  • Ambiance: Use candles to create a warm, welcoming light. This light makes any room feel cozier and nicer.
  • Style: There are many candle designs. They can match any decorating style, making your home look great.
  • Gift: Candles are thoughtful presents. People love them not just for how they look but for the experience they offer.

Picking the right home goods candles means looking at both fragrance and style. They should fit with your room’s look. These candles focus your decor and give you the calm of aromatherapy. They are perfect for you or as a gift. These candles make any place more stylish and comfortable.

7 Best Home Goods Candles


Best scented candle for men

1. TranquilBliss Black Candle

TranquilBliss has done justice to their Black Scented Candle. The fragrance is incredibly sophisticated and is created by a mixture of rose and sandalwood, which makes it masculine and seductive at the same time. 

A clean burning experience is guaranteed through 100% soy wax, while a long-lasting burn time of 40 hours is offered by the candle weighing 7.6 oz.

This candle not only creates a peaceful ambience but also serves as a nice present. Black Scented Candles for Men just in time for Father’s Day or birthdays is the best option you can ever have on your mind. 

Its sleek black design adds an elegance that matches any space; thus, it can be placed anywhere in the house. TranquilBliss candle will definitely impress whether bought for yourself or someone dear to you.


Cleansing burning process, 100% soybean wax with no harmful residues
Soy wax used instead of petroleum-based paraffin
Soy wax is 100% natural
Handmade with 100% soy wax, meaning it’s non-toxic
Long burn time

Wick has a small flame size
Black wax can get messy

Weight: ‎7.6 ounces
Size: 2.76″W x 3.54″H
Scent: Rose & Sandalwood
Type: ‎Container Candle
Season: ‎All Season

Best home goods candles overall

2. 96NORTH Luxury Jar Candle

The 96NORTH Luxury Coconut Soy Candle is a lovely addition to any household. It has a huge 3 wick jar that burns for an amazing 40 hours, making the tropical beach fragrance last longer. 

This candle is manufactured using one hundred percent natural soy wax: not only does it fill up the room with a refreshing smell, but it also burns cleanly and evenly. It’s ideal for creating a cozy mood in any space. 

In addition, this jar candle can make great housewarming presents suitable for ladies or gents. It will be appreciated by anyone who gets it as it has been designed artistically and made of good quality material. 

The 96NORTH Luxury Coconut Soy Candle is essential for those who love candles and want an opulent fragrance, too.

Highly scented
Coconut Soy Wax
Long burn time
Great for coconut lovers
High quality soy wax and cotton wicks

Scent isn’t very strong
Some users said the scents weren’t strong

Brand: 96NORTH
Usage: Indoors
Size: 3.15″W x 4.33″H
Weight: 14.2 ounces
Count: 1
Seasons: All
Style: ‎Luxury

Best Scented Candles for Men

3. Auelife Candles Set | Home Goods Candles


Auelife Store’s scented candles set has a set of delightful fragrances. It is a perfect present because there are those four different kinds of scents that are lavender, leather, oak and smoke & vanilla. 

Each individual candle emits its own scent which can make any house warm inviting one. Designed with sleekness in mind. 

The quality of these candles is outstanding because once they burn; they do so uniformly and gradually release fragrance to fill the room with a lovely aroma. Whether it is for yourself or someone else, the scented candles set from Auelife Store is worth consideration.

Variety of scents
Good for people who don’t like floral fragrances
Scented candles are great for relaxation

Mediocre burn time
Some scents are too subtle

Weight: 3.67 pounds
Occasions: ‎Anniversary, Birthday
Scent: Lavender/Leather/Oak/Smoke&Vanilla
Non Toxic: Yes
Size: ‎3″W x 4″H
Using: All Season

4. B&BW Mahogany Vanilla Candle

For people who like candles, the 1-Wick Candle with Essential Oils in the scent Mahogany Vanilla by Bath & Body Works White Barn is an amazing choice. 

This cozy and inviting fragrance can be filled all over the room through a size of 7 oz. Having a combination of sweet vanilla and rich mahogany, it gives a warm and inviting feeling that is ideal for winding up at home after a long day.

Besides, essential oils are added to make this candle smell even more luxurious and soothing. Moreover, it burns evenly releasing strong scent throughout any room within minutes. 

Furthermore, its packaging is smooth and stylish hence can be used as a gift too. Thus, it becomes necessary to have Bath & Body Works White Barn 1-Wick Candle with Essential Oils in Mahogany Vanilla for those people who love relaxing time at their homes combined with lovely smells.

No Mahogany wax available.
Mahogany Vanilla is one of Bath & Body Works’ most popular scents
Long 100-hour burn time
Essential oils used
Long lasting

Scent could be stronger
Weak throw

Weight: 7 ounces
Material: ‎synthetic, Wax
Shape: ‎Round
Season: All
Size: ‎2.75″W x 3.5″H
Scents: Essential Oils
Package: Can

Home Goods Candles

The best smelling candle overall

5. Yankee Candle Pink Sands Jar Candle

The Yankee Candle Pink Sands Scented Jar Candle is a must have for any candle enthusiast. It can run for over 110 hours, which makes it last long and economical because of its classic design and generous size. 

The scent, Pink Sands, mixes tropical citrus, sweet flowers and hot vanilla; giving off a refreshing and calming atmosphere in any room.

This candle is of high quality. Its wick burns evenly throughout the whole space while its aroma wafts through your apartment taking you instantly into a tropical paradise.

The pink colored jar adds sophistication to it, making it an exquisite piece of art that fits perfectly on every table.

The Yankee Candle Pink Sands Scented Jar Candle is truly valuable. Its long burning time and enchanting fragrance are worth every cents spent on acquiring one. This candle will be ideal whether you want to create relaxing mood or simply enjoy beautiful smell around you.

Long burn time
Candles made in the USA
Long-lasting burn time
Fragrance is like a beachy perfume

Some scents are quite strong
Wax can leave residue on jar

Scent: Pink Sands
Weight: 22 Ounces
Design: Jar with Dried Flower
Wick Quantity: Single
Assembly & Batteries: No
Material: Paraffin Wax

Home Goods Candles

Best new job candle

6. Niyewsor Scented Candle Jar

The Niyewsor Scented Candle is THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION. These home goods candles are suitable for congratulating a person on the new job, warming a house or seeing off a colleague. 

It has an elegant jar design and a scent that relaxes and at the same time uplifts you. This candle burns impressively even and can last for many hours. 

Its sleek packaging makes it perfect for gifting too. In summary, The Niyewsor Scented Candle is a multifunctional item that is considerate enough to brighten up one’s day upon receipt.

Comes in three scents
Comes in a cute box
Fun, unique design
Scented or unscented options available
Cute and funny gift

Some scents were overpowering
Label can peel

Count of wick: 1
Weight: ‎14.4 ounces
Season: ‎All
Size: ‎2.8″W x 3.4″H
Material: ‎Glass,Soy Wax
Scent: ‎Lavender & Eucalyptus

Home Goods Candles

Best Scented Lemon Scent

7.  LA Jolie Muse Mothers Day Candle


The LA Jolie Muse Mothers Day candle is a great addition to any home decor. The Moroccan Amber scent creates a warm and cozy environment that is perfect for you to relax in. 

You will be able to enjoy the fragrant smell of your soy candle for hours on end because it has been designed with two wicks so it can burn longer. 

This 12 ounce size is just right; it’s not tiny enough to be lost among other things in the room, but also not too large that it takes over everything else around it. Thus, making them ideal gifts for various occasions due to the holiday-themed packaging detail that adds another layer of emotional touch. 

In conclusion, this jar candle from LA Jolie Muse is an excellent selection for those who want quality as well as design when buying scented candles.

Elegant packaging
Long 60-hour burn time
Beautiful jar design

Some found the amber scent to be overpowering
Flames could get a bit high

Product type: Large Soy Candle
Weight: ‎12 ounces
Safety: Non toxic, smokeless
Indoor/Outdoor Usage: ‎Indoor
Scent: Moroccan Amber
Dimension: ‎4.2″W x 3.9″H
Number of wicks: 2

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Candle Care

Proper candle care boosts the life and function of your candles. It makes the atmosphere soothing or your space more elegant. Following easy steps improves your candle use.

Maximizing Burn Time and Preventing Tunneling

Your first burn is key to avoiding tunneling. Ensure it melts the wax across the top for 2 to 3 hours. This stops a tunnel from forming near the wick.

For later burns, limit them to 3 hours. This keeps the candle’s shape and stops overheating. Overheated wax burns away unevenly.

The Importance of Wick Trimming and Centering

Wick care is vital for candle care. Trim the wick to about 1/4 inch for a clean burn. This also reduces smoke.

Make sure the wick stays in the center. This allows the candle to burn evenly. It extends its life and keeps the container from getting too hot.

  • Regularly trim the wick before each burn to maximize burn time and maintain a clean flame.
  • Ensure the wick is centered to prevent the glass from overheating and to ensure an even melt.

Following these care steps not only extends your candles’ life but also makes your home safer and more pleasant.

candle care guide

Accessorizing Candle Holders

Choosing the right furniture is just the start. It’s the little things that matter too. Adding candle holders and lanterns can make your home look better. They also make your home safer and more welcoming. Whether you want elegance, a calm place, or a party vibe, the right items can change your space easily.

candle holders and lanterns

Choosing the Right Accessories for Safety and Style

Accessorizing space means you must think about safety and style. Candle holders and lanterns are more than just pretty. They keep you safe. A good candle holder keeps the candle stable which can prevent a fire. 

Lanterns protect you from the flame or hot wax. When picking these items, choose ones that look good in your home. But also think about their safety and how long they will last.

Integrating Candles into Your Home Décor Theme

Candles can add a special touch to any room. Choose candle holders and lanterns that go with your home decor theme. This way, you can add them to your space without a hitch. 

No matter if you like things simple or fancy, there’s something for everyone. You can mix different styles too. This can spotlight your home’s style. You might choose classic candle holders for elegance or quirky lanterns for fun.

When adding candle holders and lanterns, think about where they go and what they look like. Each item should show off your style. But it should also fit well in the room. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll make your home look great, feel safe, and show your style.

Home Goods Candles: An Ideal Gift for Any Occasion

When you’re looking for a gift that is elegant and flexible, home goods candles are a great choice. They are perfect for many events, like housewarmings or milestones. These candles mix fragrance and decor beautifully to improve any space.

home goods candles

Giving a scented candle can make a home feel more welcoming. These gifts fit almost any occasion. They are easy to choose when you need something thoughtful and handy.

  • Celebrations: Lift the festive spirit with a candle that fits the party theme.
  • Housewarming: Help loved ones make a new place feel homey with a fresh scent.
  • Shop for: Spoil yourself or someone special with a luxury scented candle from a niche store.

Candles are not just things; they make moments special. They add comfort and flair to any event, like dinner at home or big parties. These candles definitely make moments better.

Shopping for Home Goods Candles: Tips and Tricks

If you want to make your home smell great and look nice, learning to buy home goods candles is key. Smart buyers know that snagging great deals and keeping an eye on new candles are important. These steps help refresh your home’s vibe without spending too much.

home goods candles shopping tips

Finding the Best Deals and Seasonal Offers

To grab the best seasonal deals, start with newsletters from top candle stores. These emails are your secret to getting early sale access and special price cuts on candles. Also, sales at season’s end offer great prices on fancy smells, letting you buy lots of quality candles.

Keeping an Eye Out for New Arrivals

For those who love the newest home decor, knowing about new candles is essential. Follow your favorite shops on social media for quick news on latest candles. This way, you’ll always know about and show off the latest scents and looks in your place.

  • Check online and in-store sections frequently dedicated to new arrivals.
  • Participate in loyalty programs which often offer first-access to new products.
  • Utilize apps and set notifications for your favorite candle brands and stores.

With these tips and tricks, you’re ready to make candle shopping fun and effective. You’ll always find the best deals and coolest new candles. Enjoy shopping!

DIY Candle Making at Home: A Personal Touch

Starting a DIY candle making project adds a special personal touch to your space. It is fun and lets you show your creative passion. You get to make unique accessories that show your style. They also fill your place with lovely smells.

Home Goods Candles

Essential Supplies to Get Started

To start your crafting journey, first gather all necessary essential supplies. Here is what you need:

  • Wax: Choose from soy, beeswax, or paraffin based on what you like.
  • Wicks: Pick the correct size for your candle containers.
  • Fragrance oil: Choose scents that match your mood or decorating style.
  • Containers or molds: These shape your candles.
  • Double boiler for melting the wax.
  • Thermometer to check the wax’s heat.
  • Stir sticks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Own Candles

With your supplies ready, it’s time to make candles. Here is a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Get your workspace ready. Cover areas and place tools nearby.
  2. Stick the wick to the container’s bottom with a sticker or melted wax.
  3. Melt the wax in a double boiler, watching its temperature closely.
  4. After melting, add your fragrance oil to the wax and mix well.
  5. Pour the wax into the container, keeping the wick straight.
  6. Let the candle harden overnight.
  7. Cut the wick to about 1/4 inch before lighting it.

This fun activity not only sparks your creative passion but also leads to creating something unique. You end up with a product that meets your style and smell preferences.

Final Thoughts


Starting your journey with home goods candles is both fun and useful. These candles offer more than light. They make your home feel warmer and more inviting. As you explore different scents, you begin to enjoy a world filled with fantastic smells.

Choosing candles, whether from Homegoods or making your own, adds a special touch to your space.

Taking good care of your candles shows your love for a cozy home. Scents like lavender or cedarwood can make any moment peaceful. Giving candles as gifts shares this peace with friends and family. 

Home goods candles are not just decorations. They show love, bring comfort, and create memories.

In closing, the impact of these small luxuries on your home is big. Making or choosing the right candle can enrich your life. Each effort you make adds to your home’s warmth. Let this guide help you in finding and loving candles. They turn a house into a truly warm home.

Thank you for reading. You can also check out the following articles on Home Interior Decor Ideas That Will Elevate Your House! As well as Organic Modern Interior Design: Transformative Ideas!



What makes a candle a ‘home goods candle’?

A ‘home goods candle’ is a scented candle made to improve your home. It smells nice and looks good, fitting well with your decor.

How do eco-friendly candles differ from traditional candles?

Eco-friendly candles use natural stuff like soy wax and essential oils. They’re better for Earth and are made to be more sustainable.

Can I find a variety of scents in home goods candles for different rooms?

Yes, there are many scents for every room. You can choose Grapefruit & Thyme for the bathroom or Lavender & Verbena for the kitchen.

How do I select the perfect candle for my living room or bedroom?

Think about what scents you like and the size of the room. Living rooms are great for earthy smells, and bedrooms are good for calming scents like lavender.

Can scented candles be part of aromatherapy at home?

Yes, candles with essential oils are great for aromatherapy. They make your home smell and feel good, helping you to relax.

What are some essential candle care tips?

Burn your candle for 2 to 3 hours at first for even melting. Trim the wick to 1/4 inch, and don’t burn it too long to avoid overheating. Always keep the wick centered. Leave at least ¼ inch of wax at the bottom.

How important are candle holders and lanterns for home safety and decor?

They’re very important. The right holders prevent fires and make your candles look better. Make sure they match your decor and hold the candle safely.

What occasions are suitable for giving home goods candles as gifts?

Home goods candles are great for any occasion. Use them for housewarmings, thank you gifts, birthdays, or just because. They suit anyone’s taste.

How can I find the best deals on home goods candles?

Look out for sales, subscribe to newsletters, and follow stores on social media. Visit shops often to catch good candle deals.

Any tips for someone starting DIY candle making?

Begin with basic supplies: get good wicks, wax, and scents you like. Use a simple guide and have fun trying different combinations.

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