Tapestry Wall Hangings

10 Best Tapestry Wall Hangings For Home Decor


Almost 90% of how a home looks comes from its decor. Wall art is very important in this. Tapestry wall hangings are now in the spotlight. They bring bohemian flair and cozy charm without costing much. 

Tapestries can be used in many ways, such as bed covers or stylish curtains. They are becoming popular in home decor.

Tapestries add color and pattern to your space. They show off your personal style. Your home feels welcoming with an aesthetic tapestry.

These artful tapestries start at prices often under $15. They change spaces with their mix of art and use – making them great for improving your room decor on a budget. From metallic print tapestries that shine to classic ones that bring adventure, you have endless choices.

Tapestry Wall Hanging

Key Takeaways | Tapestry Wall Hangings

  • Tapestries offer an affordable way to add significant visual impact to your decor.
  • They are a versatile decor option, serving various functions such as curtains or bed covers.
  • Metallic print tapestries offer a contemporary addition to traditional tapestry textures.
  • With a variety of patterns and colors, tapestries can create a personalized aesthetic in any room.
  • Introducing a tapestry to your space is a simple way to incorporate both art and comfort into your home’s ambiance.

The Charm of Tapestry as Versatile Home Decor

Imagine the magic of tapestry wall hangings for living spaces. Each piece is more than just decor. It’s a versatile textile that beautifies every corner. These woven wall pieces blend art and use, adding warmth and texture easily.

Tapestry Wall Hanging

Tapestries do more than decorate walls as wall hanging tapestries. They have many uses in home decor. You can cover a tapestry table or make a cozy spot. They fit your style and needs.

  • Drape over furniture: Create a bohemian lounge area by covering couches or chairs with tapestries.
  • Wall art and wall hangings: Use tapestries as a large-scale wall art piece to set the theme of any room.
  • Decorative bed throws: Enhance your bedroom’s allure by using tapestries as a bedspread or a headboard accent.

Home decoration with tapestries is fun. They’re affordable, so you can change them with the seasons or your mood. 

Tapestries can quickly change a room’s look without much cost.

Your spaces can turn from simple to stunning with just a tapestry. Dive into the endless options. Show your unique taste with the versatile appeal of tapestries.

Embracing Bohemian Aesthetics with Boho Tapestry Wall Hangings

Make your living space a hub of art with boho tapestry wall hangings. These pieces add color and texture. They mirror a boho lifestyle that loves spontaneity, culture, and nature’s patterns.

Bohemian Tapestry-Flower Aesthetic

Add the beauty of flowers to your home with a bohemian tapestry. These tapestries make rooms welcoming and full of life. Perfect for calm areas or dorms, they bring a peaceful, creative vibe.

Indian Tapestry Wall Hangings Insights

Dive into the beauty of Indian wall hangings. They showcase mandala designs and amazing details. These tapestries are more than decor. They open a world of art and tales of unity and spirituality.

Tapestry Wall Hanging

Choose a vibrant boho tapestry or a subtle mandala pattern for your decor. They show your love for beauty and deep cultures. Bohemian and Indian tapestries make a bold personal style and value statement.

Our Top 10 Tapestry Wall Hangings

1. YISURE Nature Scenic Tapestry



The YISURE Nature Mountain Forest Tapestry is an attractive addition for the home or office. The tapestry has an aesthetic green waterfall of pine trees in a landscape that helps create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. 

With its large size of 108(W) x 80(L) inches, it can be used as a statement wall or for covering large spaces.

Made from high quality materials, the tapestry is long lasting and durable. This makes it usable indoors as well as outdoors hence it is multipurpose. 

Whether you choose to hang it in your living room, bedroom or possibly outside up on your garden; it will bring nature close to you with so much beauty added into the environment.

Undoubtedly, they are excellent if one wants something that will remind them of what nature looks like even when they are away from home or at work.

Comes with pins for easy hanging
6 free tacks included
Comes with pins for hanging
Great for indoor or outdoor use
Multiple uses beyond just a tapestry

Not machine washable
Not the best option for a bathroom

Material: 100% polyester fabric
Weight: 1.12 pounds
Size: 80 x 108 x 0.2 inch
Advantage: High-quality
Usage: Indoor & Outdoor
Technology: Advanced HD digital printing

2. ENJOHOS Oversized Tree Tapestries



It is amazing how the ENJOHOS Forest Tapestry adds beauty to a home. The tapestry is very large and is characterized by a bright green color. It will give your room such an attractive backdrop. 

You should use it either as a curtain for bedroom, or in your lounge to make it natural looking both inside and outside of the house. This material is really good, its quality is high, and workmanship is perfect so that you can trust its durability. 

This type of tree pattern puts natural elements into any room which makes it convenient for nature enthusiasts. All in all, this product by ENJOHOS exceeded my expectations by having both design and functionality at their peak.

Big and soft
Multiple uses
Large size offers good versatility
Machine washable and easy to clean
Great for outdoor adventures

Somewhat muted colors
Can take up a lot of space, especially in smaller rooms

Material: Polyester
Weight: 0.16 ounces
3D print: Yes
Size: 90 x 71 inches
Usage: Indoor/Outdoor Decoration, Blanket


The Uspring Mushroom Tapestry is a stunning addition to any room. Sea creatures, peacocks and abstract ocean designs are brought together in this tapestry to add Bohemian charm in any space. 

It measures 51.2 × 59.1 inches so that one can easily hang it on the wall or use it as a bedspread that is different from the rest. Rich and vivid colorations making the design look lively; such are its print qualities when observed closely. 

These lightweight yet durable tapestries are made of fine polyester fabric, which makes them easy to install and long lasting in nature after hanging; In a word, it is an indispensable accessory for people who want to bring into their homes a little bit of inventive spirit and naturalness at once.

Available in 4 different sizes
Machine washable
Can be used as a bedspread
Machine washable and can be ironed if needed
Can be used as a tablecloth or curtains

Can be difficult to hang
Mushroom and eyes are a bit weird

Material: High-quality polyester
Weight: 7.1 ounces
Technology: Advanced HD printing
Size: 59.1 x 51.2 x 0.01 inches
Usage: Indoor and outdoor

4. Neasow Hippie Tapestry



Any bedroom or living space will be incomplete without Neasow Colorful Floral Tapestry Wall hangings because it is simply breathtaking! 

To begin with, the colorful boho fabric blooms provide a burst of color which makes the room acquire a new lease of life. It measures 60×80 inches, therefore ideal for covering large walls and even as a bedspread.

When it comes to quality, the tapestry has got all that one needs with every minute detail of the floral design captured perfectly. 

The material feels good and is long lasting hence can take you for so many years. Additionally, its multiple color scheme brings out a playful feeling in any room hence making it suitable for those who want such a bohemian look in their décor.

Neasow Colorful Floral Tapestry Wall hanging is an amazing addition to any given space. It stands out because of its vibrant colors, quality fabric and lovely design. 

Whether you are trying to improve your sleeping area or adding some dramatic effect in your sitting area; this tapestry will definitely leave you amazed!

Multiple size options available
Vibrant colors
Comes in three sizes
Works well for a variety of uses
Large size

Lightweight fabric
Thin fabric

Size: 60″W × 80″L (150cm×200cm)
Weight: 9.9 ounces
Material: 100% polyester fiber
Features: wrinkle resistance, shape retention, high strength and elastic recovery
Usage: Wall hangings, Bed Spreads, Window Curtains


The WODEJIA Fall In The Forest Waterfall Water Print Fabric Tapestry is an amazing addition to any beach experience. 

It is 91 x 71 inch and can be laid out as a nice beach or picnic blanket for sunbathing. A beautiful water print design will add calmness and touch of nature to any open air space.

This tapestry is made from strong material that can endure the harshest conditions outside. Additionally, it can be used as a tablecloth or decorative wall art, making it one item with multiple uses in your home. 

Irrespective of whether you are at the seaside, bedroom or a picnic; WODEJIA Forest Waterfall Water Print Fabric Tapestry will always be remarkable.

You can use it as a bedspread
Machine washable
Huge size
Beautiful design and pattern
Beautiful design and vibrant colors

Thin fabric
May arrive with wrinkles

Size: 91 x 71 x 0.01 inches
Machine washable: Yes
Material: 100% polyester
Type of print: Advanced digital
Weight: 14.1 ounces
Features: Polished surface, Thin as sheet

6. Tegeme Vintage Tapestry Wall Hangings



The best option for any living room is the Tegeme Vintage Tapestry. This one has a standout look with beautiful botanical design and vintage qualities which brings elegance into the house. 

The long tapestry measures 52 x 13 inches, making it ideal for vertical wall hangings. The reference illustrative style brings in some artistic value while the tassels make it unique and trendy in appearance. 

You can place this tapestry in your bedroom, living room, or whatever part of your home you please and end up having an impact on it. Moreover, its quality is outstanding; therefore, it lasts longer and becomes a good investment for home decoration.

Great for plant lovers
Size works well for narrow spaces
It comes with hanging hardware
Comes with hanging materials
Vintage floral design

Not machine washable
One size only

Weight: 6.7 ounces
Material: Quality polyester
Size: 52 x 13 inches
Package: 1 tapestry, rope, wooden rod
Design: Vintage, Flower

7. Aipon Orange Moth Tapestry


A perfect addition to a boho or vintage themed room would be Aipon Orange Moth Tapestry. This is due to its intricate floral and mushroom designs which bring in the space humor. 

It measures 30.00” × 40.00”; this makes it suitable for bedrooms or living rooms walls, even hostels. The tapestry has high quality because the fabric feels strong and the colors are so bright that you can see them from far away. 

The Aipon Orange Moth Tapestry is ideal for those who want a splash of color and old school attraction in their home.

Unique design
Multiple size options available
Soft and lightweight fabric
Vibrant and retro design
Design and colors will likely suit a boho aesthetic

Can look a little kitschy

Size: 40 x 30 x 0.2 inches
Material: 100%Polyester
Feature: High-definition printing technology
Weight: 1.92 ounces
Style: Aesthetic Vintage

8. Blacklight Mountain Tapestry



Zussun Blacklight Mountain Tapestry wall hangings are a beautiful addition to any bedroom or living room.

In the night, it creates a mystical and an unearthly feeling by glowing in black light. In this tapestry there is a peaceful starry night with a stunning moon and stars along with nature forest design.

Not only does this tapestry look good but also has been made from high quality fabrics. The touch of the fabric is soft and its color is vibrant. 

Additionally, the tapestry can be easily hung up on the walls and kept tightly in place. It is 48’’×36’’, which makes the perfect size for it to fit into any available space. 

If you want a beautiful bedroom or want to add some atmosphere to your living room, then Zussun Blacklight Mountain Tapestry would be great for you.

Can be used as a blacklight poster
Machine washable
Made of durable, soft, and lightweight polyester fabric
Great for glow-in-the-dark or black light room themes

Thin fabric
Can be heavy, hard to hang

Measurements: 48 x 36 x 0.2 inches
Material: Polyester
Machine washable: Yes
Design: Moon and stars
Care: Easy to clean, iron at low temperatures
Weight: 0.634 ounces

9. Ameyahud Starry Sky Tapestry Wall Hangings



A very beautiful addition to any house is Ameyahud Mushroom Tapestry. It brings stillness to any place with its retro appearance and nature-inspired motifs. 

The tapestry displays a lovely starry sky patterned with moon and star aspects, as well as floral flowers and butterflies that give the room an air of magic.

This wall hanging decor is constructed from top-notch materials make it stronger and can last longer than any other upholstery material available in the market. 

You can easily hang it on your preferred wall space, either in your living area, bedroom or even dormitory rooms, because of this versatile design nature. 

Whether you want to add some color or completely change your atmosphere to a peaceful haven; Ameyahud Mushroom Tapestry remains essential.

Machine washable and easy to clean
Great for nature lovers
Different sizes available
Beautiful design
Multiple uses

Background color is very dark
Some users report “chemical” odor

Weight: 7.1 ounces
Material: 100% high quality polyester fiber
Machine wash in cold water: Yes
Size: M-W59.1” X H51.2”/150cm X 130cm, L-W78.7” X H59.1”/200cm X 150cm
Package includes: 1 tapestry
Multifunctional: Yes

10. Alishomtll Starry Galaxy Tapestry



A beautiful item to put in your room is the Forest Starry Tapestry by Alishomtll. This 3D print tapestry brings the forest, galaxy and night sky right inside your house. 

The small details of trees and milky way create a captivating effect that will fascinate anyone who sees it. It is made out of quality materials making it attractive and durable as well. 

Any room, whether a dormitory, living or bedroom will receive a touch of nature’s beauty and sense of awe from having this Forest Starry Tapestry displayed on its walls. In general, this is an outstanding product that is worth every dollar spent on it.

Available in 4 different sizes
Can double as a comforter
Comes in multiple sizes
Can double as a blanket or sheet
Comes in multiple sizes for different purposes

Thin fabric
Can’t be machine washed

Size: 51.2 x 59.1 x 0.2 inches
Weight: 6.7 ounces
Material: High Quality Polyester Fiber
Decoration and use: Multi functions available
Anti-allergy: Yes
Design: 3D Stereo Effect

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Unique Tapestry Wall Hanging Ideas for Wall Art

Are you looking to add artistic flair to your home? Think about using a tapestry wall. These pieces are not just for looks. 

They also show your taste and love for different cultures.

Try the vibes of a wall art hippie theme. Or maybe the beauty of aesthetic vintage tapestries wall hanging is more your style. Any design can make a simple area tell your story.

  • Boho tapestry picks can add warmth to your room with fun patterns and bright colors.
  • Want a strong look? Use a tapestry for bedroom living room with bold shapes or calming scenes.
  • A wall hanging for room brings room decor together. It makes any space welcoming.

Think about what pictures or themes you love. Your tapestry can be a lush scene, a cool pattern, or a place you dream of visiting. It can be your everyday inspiration.

Tapestry Wall Hanging

Hanging your tapestry is easy with a hook or rod. It turns a bare wall into a stunning point of interest. Tapestries are easy to change with the seasons or your changing tastes. This keeps your decor fresh and interesting all year.

Metallic Print Tapestry Wall Hangings: A Modern Twist

Adding metallic print tapestries to your home is like sprinkling stardust around. These artworks make any room modern and sophisticated. 

They include styles like the damanse floral bohemian tapestry-flower aesthetic and the stunning moonlit garden tapestry moon tapestry. Each one gives a special look that improves your space.

Incorporating Glitter and Glam

Metallic print tapestries change how a room feels. They shine and catch your eye, adding luxury. They can be simple or detailed, like the damanse floral. Either way, they add sparkle and elevate your decor.

Styling Tips for Metallic Tapestries

When using metallic tapestries, balance their shine with softer things. This makes your space feel just right. Here’s how to do it:

  • Match your metallic print tapestries with furniture in neutral colors. This makes the tapestry stand out without being too much.
  • Use lights that make the tapestry’s surface reflect, especially at night.
  • Pick soft textures like velvet or satin pillows. This mixes feels and looks in your room.

The beauty of tapestries like the moonlit garden tapestry moon tapestry is how they can be art by themselves or part of a bigger decor idea. With these tips, your metallic tapestries will be highlights that fit perfectly in your home.

Metallic Print Tapestries

Tapestry Wall Hangings as a Creative Curtain Solution

Make your living spaces beautiful with art and function. Using a tapestry for bedroom living room adds privacy and charm. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to brighten their bedroom or cover their living room with style.

Tapestry Wall Hangings

Imagine the morning light coming through a colorful decor for bedroom. Or dressing your living room windows in a unique wall decor blanket. This idea not only covers but also becomes the center of your room’s look.

  • Easy installation: Hanging tapestries on a rod is simple and quick.
  • Versatility: There are many designs to choose from to change your space’s feel.
  • Cost-effective: Choosing a wall hanging decor for room saves money compared to other window covers.

Be creative with a tapestry for bedroom living room that matches and changes your area. Whether making a room brighter or cozier, these art pieces truly make a difference.

Tapestries to Transform Your Furniture: From Tables to Headboards

Looking for new ways to make your home look great might bring you to tapestries for bedroom or living room updates. These items bring color and texture. They change plain furniture into something special.

Using Tapestries as Bed Covers and Tablecloths

A simple change like using a wall tapestry for bedroom as bed cover works wonders. Choose one that matches your bedroom wall

It adds style and a cool look. Using a tapestry as a tablecloth also protects the table. It makes any eating or living area look better. Great for guests or everyday use.

Tapestry Wall Hangings

DIY Headboards with Tapestry Charm

Feeling crafty? Make a DIY headboard with a tapestry for a unique mandala room. It’s a cheap way to get a new look and show your style. Pick a tapestry you like, and put it on a light frame.

Using tapestries for bedroom or other spaces makes them feel new. It also shows off your style and way of life. Tapestries make living rooms or bedrooms feel like your own special place. They’re both pretty and useful in home decorating.

Incorporate a Sense of History with Traditional Tapestry Motifs

Starting a journey with tapestry wall hangings for living rooms changes your home. You’ll bring in the beauty of medieval tapestries and religious tapestries

They connect us with art that has shared stories for hundreds of years. The beauty of these wall hanging tapestries is in their look and their stories. They mix history and spirituality into our modern lives.

Medieval and Religious Tapestries

Picture your walls with the rich colors and designs of medieval tapestries. Each stitch shows the crafters’ hard work and love. 

These tapestries show battles, kings, and fantasy animals. They take us back in time. Religious tapestries show sacred lessons and stories. They make your home peaceful. Both kinds honor the long story of tapestries. They add culture and tradition to your home.

Tapestry Wall Hangings

Exploring the Cultural Narratives through Tapestries

Adding tapestry history to your decor is special. It means joining a story that goes beyond our time. Wall hanging tapestries show ancient parties or holy stories. 

Each has its own tale that makes your home richer in culture. When choosing a tapestry wall hanging for living spaces, think about their story. This decision is a way to honor tapestry makers of the past. It shows love for their lasting art.

Final Thoughts | Tapestry Wall Hangings

Thank you so much for reading our article about Tapestry wall hangings! We hope that you found it useful in terms of exploring ways to make your living space better.

To learn more about home decor, take a look at our other articles. To find out additional tips, insights and ideas on how to beautify your house just click on the following links. Have a great time decorating!



What are some creative ways to use a tapestry in my home?

You can use tapestries in many ways at home. They can be wall hangings, curtains, or tablecloths. You can also use them as bed covers. 

For DIY fans, they make great materials for making pillows or headboards. Tapestries add a special touch to any room with their colors, patterns, and textures.

How can I incorporate a bohemian flair into my home decor with tapestries?

Bohemian tapestries bring a fun and free-spirited vibe. Try hanging them in your bedroom, living area, or dorm. They instantly create a boho look and are great focal points.

Can tapestries be used as art pieces?

Yes, tapestries are great as wall art. Hang them like fine art or include them in gallery walls. Choose themes like hippie, vintage, or psychedelic. This showcases your style.

Are metallic print tapestries a good option for modern decor?

Yes, metallic print tapestries bring a modern twist. They make a room sparkle and glam. Pair them with simple textures and colors to highlight the metallic elements.

Can I use tapestry wall hangings as a curtain?

Tapestries make unique and stylish curtains. They add art and light filtering to windows. This adds personality to spaces through their colors and designs.

How can I use tapestries to transform my furniture?

Use tapestries as statement tablecloths or bed covers for a quick decor upgrade. They can also make cozy headboards or furniture covers. This adds a touch of charm and uniqueness.

Can tapestries connect my home decor to historical themes?

Yes, historic and religious tapestries link your decor to the past. They tell stories with images from different times and cultures. They add beauty and storytelling to any room.

What accessories do I need for properly hanging my tapestry?

Use tapestry rods or wall clips for hanging tapestries. They help tapestries hang flat and show off the full design. This stops bunching and showcases the tapestry beautifully.

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